Connecticut $170 Checks Sent To 200k Citizens: Cash Coming Your Way?

More than 200,000 people in the United States each received a direct payment in the mail for a total of $170. Do you have any money coming in?

Last weekend, more than 240,000 checks were sent to low-income homes. This was the second check sent to people in Connecticut in the last two months.

As part of the state's Earned Income Tax Credit Enhancement Program, $42 million were sent out on Friday and Saturday (EITCEP).

Each person got a different amount based on how much they paid in taxes, but the average payment was about $170.

The payments were made with money set aside for these families as emergency coronavirus pandemic aid, according to The CT Mirror.

Last year, the Connecticut Department of Revenue distributed 247,655 payments to low-income households. In August, the state sent $750 in child tax credits.

The EITCEP currently gives out 41.5 percent of the federal credit, which is an increase from its previous percentage of 23 percent.

Last year, Mr. Lamont signed off on the changes so that people and families with low to moderate incomes could get more money back.

Your refund depends on your income, marital status, and number of children. The EITCEP is comparable to the EITC in many aspects.

To be eligible for either of these programmes, you must first submit your taxes and have an annual income of less than $57,414 dollars.