Clarke County $1000 One-time Bonus Checks: Who Qualifies?

Clarke County employees in Virginia will receive a one-time $1,000 net pay bonus in mid-December.

The bonuses affect approximately 120 full-time employees, implying that the county will spend at least $120,000 on the payments collectively.

It is currently unknown how many part-time workers will actually have the bonus money deposited into their bank accounts.

According to the county's Joint Administrative Services, this money will come from contingency funds.

The bonus isn't available to all part-timers. County Administrator Chris Boies told The Winchester Star they must be regularly employed.

Who qualifies?

Students who work as lifeguards at pools during the summer, for example, would not be eligible.

The bonus is intended to reward employees who, like Americans across the country, are dealing with record levels of inflation and economic uncertainty.

Chairman David Weiss said the county can help employees without affecting taxpayers because the money is coming from reserve funds

Another window of opportunity to earn $500 payments will close very soon in the state of California,  and action is required soon.