Child Tax Credit Deadline: What To Do If It Has Not Arrived?

Most US families have received stimulus checks and child tax credits, but those who haven't are running out of time.

Those who hadn't filed may not have required to or needed additional time. The IRS determined eligibility using tax returns.

Whether the recipient filed a tax return determines the deadline. Singles making less than $12,550 are exempt from filing taxes.

When does the child tax credit expire?

This group has until November 15 to file a simplified return, although the IRS's free file site is open until November 17.

You have a few more days to file an extension or send in your taxes. Form 1040 must be filed by Oct. 17 to avoid a late-filing penalty.

Natural disaster victims have until February 15, 2023 to file. FEMA-declared disaster zones have until November 15 to clean up.

Those who have filed their taxes but haven't received their money could be waiting because of some of the following...

What if you filed but haven't gotten your money yet?

1. There is no bank account. 2. First time filing 3. Mixed-status families 4. Haven't told the IRS or USPS your new address Homelessness Limited or no internet access

If none of these apply to you, call the IRS at 800-919-9835 or send in Form 3911 to track a payment.