California Monthly Checks Worth $9600 Deadline Tomorrow: How To Claim?

There is still one day left to claim funds totaling up to $9,600 from direct payments, which have been completed.

California residents who were unable to receive federal Covid-19-related relief payments can now apply for funds through the Coachella Immigrant Families Recovery Program.

The non-profit Mission Asset Fund and the Californian city of Coachella have partnered up to create the initiative.

According to the report, The submission period started on the 12th of October and will end today November 11

Nearly $1,008,000 will provide $400 monthly cash support to 140 selected families for up to 24 months.

When To Look Out For The Money

After November 11, the review process begins, and candidates have until December 9 to submit further documentation.

The approval will be announced between December 15 and December 30. Payments will start to be made in January 2023.

Who Is Eligible?

First, you must reside in Coachella and have a household income of less than $150,000 for 2021 or a yearly income of less than $75,000, whichever is lower.

Second, you must be at least 18 years old and have a government-issued photo ID. You must also have had a child under the age of 12 living with you in 2021.

The program chooses the top 140 applicants based on their assessment of who will benefit the most from the assistance.

You can submit your application on the website of Missionassetfund. The application period will close on November 11 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

How To Claim

Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez stated, "We have designed a thorough universal basic income program that addresses our most needy individuals."