California Inflation Checks: Second Batch Of Payments Started!

On Monday, the second round of payments to help with inflation and the first round of debit card payments were sent out.

Since October 7, the state has been directly depositing the Middle Class Tax Refund into the bank accounts of millions of Californians. California will start mailing debit cards on Monday, October 24.

People whose last names start with the letters A–E and who  received a GSS I or II payment last year are getting the first batch of debit cards

Can I track my inflation relief check from California?

The Franchise Tax Board says that everyone in that group should get their payment by Nov. 5.

California sends debit cards using Money Network. Once you receive one in the mail, you must activate it online, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

This 2022 Middle Class Tax Refund has only been granted to 2021 California Stimulus recipients. More people are eligible for this round of payments, but they haven't been sent out yet.

The amount of each payment ranges from $200 to $1,050. How much you get depends on your income in 2020, how you file, and how many people you support.

How much will you get?

Next direct deposits begin Oct. 28. The second batch of GSS I or II debit cards for F–M last names begins November 6.

By the beginning of next year, the Franchise Tax Board hopes to have given out about 8 million direct deposits and 10 million debit cards.