California $500 Check Deadline on Oct 31st: Who’s Eligible?

The closing date for submission of applications to receive direct payments of $500 per month is drawing near.

Eligible residents in Sonoma County, California, will receive funds for two years, but they must take action.

The county introduced "The Pathway to Income Equity" programme with Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Healdsburg and a coalition of neighbourhood organisations.

Residents have the opportunity to submit their applications online at until October 31 at midnight

The experimental programme will be carried out for a period of two years, and it will benefit 305 low-income households in Sonoma County.

There is no need for verification when submitting the application. Those who are chosen will instead be required to provide documentation proving their eligibility.

The pilot programme received slightly more than $3 million from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors in May.

In addition to non-profit funding, the cities of Healdsburg ($250,000), Petaluma ($636,000), and Santa Rosa ($1,000,000) have contributed.

For a family to be eligible, each member of the family needs to be a permanent resident in Sonoma County.

Who is eligible for this?

Have a household income that is up to 185 percent higher than the federal poverty line, depending on family size.