California $200 To $1050 Checks: 16million Still Waiting On Payments

As the holidays approach, millions of Californians are still waiting for their Middle Class Tax refund.

Over seven million of the state's 23 million residents who were qualified to receive cash have already been paid by the state.

Residents who received the first or second round of Golden State Stimulus payments via direct deposit began receiving payments in phases on October 7.

The remaining direct deposit payments began on October 28 and will continue until November 14.

Those who were not set up for direct deposit started getting debit cards in the mail on October 25 and will continue to do so until December 10.

Anyone who received a Golden State Stimulus check in the mail in 2021 will receive a debit card payment by January 14.

So far, the government has paid over 6 million people through direct deposit and 1.6 million through debit cards.

According to the state's website, the following households are eligible for the rebate.

Eligibility for the rebate


a) CA AGI: $150,000 or less - $1,050 with a dependent, $700 without dependent b) CA AGI: $150,001 to $250,000 - $750 with a dependent, $500 without dependent