California $100 Checks For  T-Mobile Customers: Who’s Eligible?

T-Mobile settled the consolidated class action lawsuit from the 2021 criminal hack. Unauthorized access to company systems compromised client data from current, former, and potential customers.

The settlement awaits approval.Assuming no challenges or other delays, the final approval hearing is set for January 20, 2023, at 10 am.

Over 76 million class members who had their information stolen will be eligible to file claims if the settlement is accepted.

You can submit a claim by going to the website for the T-Mobile settlement and clicking the button there.

To recieve payment

If you received a letter informing you of the proposed settlement, you can check your progress by emailing the Settlement Administrator or calling 833-512-2314.

The application must be submitted through the website before the deadline of January 23, 2023.


Customers of T-Mobile can receive $25 cash payments, while residents of California are eligible for $100.

If you have to spend time or money recovering from fraud or identity theft related to the incident, the corporation would reimburse you up to $25,000.

Anyone who even remotely suspects they were a victim of the breach will receive two years of free ID Theft Protection Service from McAfee from the corporation.