Cali Property Tax: How Long Can You Go Without Paying?

It's crucial to remember that in the United States, you're responsible for paying property taxes on any real estate you own.

Tax money is used by the government on things like roads, parks, libraries, public services, and schools.

Typically, the tax burden is decided by the assessed value of the property, whereas unpaid property tax arrears put a lien on a residence.

Every state, including California, has a system in place that allows the taxing authority to sell a home in order to recoup unpaid taxes.

After a maximum of five years have passed since your taxes became delinquent, your property is subject to the power of sale.

If you don't pay the taxes by the date the property is offered for sale or acquisition, it will be auctioned off or purchased by a public agency after official notice.

The first payment of your annual tax bill is late and subject to a 10% overdue penalty if it's not received by the Tax Collector's Office by 17:00 on December 10 or postmarked by that date.

The second instalment becomes late and incurs a 10% penalty on unpaid taxes and a 38.06 dollar administrative fee if it is not received or postmarked by April 10 at 17:00 pm.

If you don't pay a supplemental tax instalment by the due date, you'll face the same fines and levies as unpaid annual taxes.