Cali $500 Monthly Checks: How To Apply Before Deadline?

Millions of Americans must move quickly in order to collect direct payments worth up to $3,000 based on this month's deadlines.

Several states have made direct payments or guaranteed income available to residents, but time is running out.

They are only a few of the programmes and rebates that have become available since the epidemic shook the economy in 2020 and inflation hit historic highs.

As November draws closer, here are the due dates that should be kept in mind.


Sonoma County, California, is initiating a two-year pilot programme that would provide $500 per month to low-income families.

Sonoma County ($500 per month)

The county will analyse the program's impact on decreasing poverty and increasing economic stability and mobility for two years.

Virginia eligible taxpayers are also on the list to receive $500 direct payouts, but only if they fulfil a rapidly approaching deadline.

Virginia ($500)

Virginia citizens can use the Department of Taxation's lookup tool to discover if they qualify.

Tax non-filers at the national level have only until November 15 to make a claim for a direct payment.

Non-filer deadline ($3,000)

Many Americans, particularly those earning $12,500 as individuals or $25,000 as joint filers, are exempt from submitting tax returns.