Burger King’s Ghost Pepper Whopper Returns

Fast-food places are celebrating Halloween this year. Krispy Kreme is temporarily called Krispy Skreme, Mars has green Snickers, and Burger King has a spicy Halloween burger

The Ghost Pepper Whopper, a spicy version of the chain's most popular sandwich, was introduced on Tuesday.

Instead of mayo or dressing, the Ghost Pepper Whopper contains hot queso and ghost pepper cheese. It's one of the chain's spiciest dishes.

The burger is served on an orange bread with black sesame seeds. These colors are most associated with Halloween.

The burger is available right now, and by October 18, it should be at most participating locations across the country.

"Treat or trick? On Halloween, Burger King® customers can get both " In a press release, the chain said.

The Burger King mobile app will soon include a feature that utilizes electromagnetic fields to identify the presence of ghosts.

Members of Royal Perks have access to a detector that can determine whether or not their homes are haunted.

When guests use the app's "Home of the Ghosts" feature, they get a scary surprise: a meal for two that includes the new, limited-time "Ghost Pepper Whopper."

People who use the Burger King app between the 17th and the 31st of October are eligible to get new BK Royal Perks prizes.