Book A Flight And Pay It Later: Here's How It Works?

Some companies, like Uplift, do a quick credit check on the traveller to figure out interest rates and payment plans.

Botts said that 0% financing is available from most of Uplift's partners. "In many cases, paying for a 7-day cruise over time doesn't even cost the customer anything," he said.

But prices change based on how much money a traveller has. On its website, Uplift says that its annual percentage rates range from 0% to 36%.

Botts said that travellers who cancel their credit cards before the loan is paid back are committing fraud, which has consequences.

"By getting credit reports, we can make sure that the customer has the money to pay us back." He added.

Pay Later Travel works like a layaway plan. A deposit and full payment are required before flying, but there is no credit check or financing requirements.

The BNPL company Splitit will put the full cost of a trip on a traveler's credit card, but the payments will be split into three to twenty-four monthly payments.

Qantas, Australia's largest airline, launched "Book Now, Pay Later" (BNPL) in May 2022. This lets international travelers on certain routes book a flight & pay the fare later.

Qantas also charges a fee to hold the seats. If the flight is bought or cancelled, the fee is refunded.