Biden's Student Debt Relief: The Appeals Court Has Put Scheme On Hold

A federal appeals court halted President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness programme, barring the administration from canceling loans covered by the policy.

The 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a preliminary injunction to stop the policy after a district court dismissed the case prior this week.

The administration was given until Monday to respond to the states' request, and the states were given until Tuesday to reply to that response.

The states had asked the appeals court to rule by Sunday, the earliest date the Biden administration had stated that student loan discharges would be granted.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre encouraged borrowers to apply for relief, saying the administration would "move full speed ahead in our preparations"

Borrowers are still able to apply for relief from their student loans at despite the temporary order issued tonight.

Additionally, this does not prevent us from reviewing these applications and getting them ready for transmission to the various loan servicers.

In another victory for Biden that day, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett declined to refer the Wisconsin taxpayers group's challenge to the full court.

Many of the legal challenges contend that the Biden administration lacks the legal authority to cancel student loan debt on a broad scale.