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Arizona State Fires Coach Herm Edward. Who Will Be The Next Coach?

Herm Edwards was fired from Arizona State on Sunday, just three games into his fifth year there. The mistakes Edwards made that led him to that point are still almost too funny to remember.

When he was hired, Edwards was seen as an honest and experienced alternative to people who had never cheated before. But he hadn't been a college coach for 29 years.

Edwards wasn't bad(26-20). He probably has an offer to return to ESPN as a wise expert. But he wasn't suited for a program in a troubled league that created a recruiting controversy.

These are the greatest prospects to steer Arizona State University away from the, well, here they are


Anderson likes the NFL guys. If Rhule departs the Panthers and isn't taken by Nebraska, Arizona State shouldn't hesitate.

1. Matt Rhule

Leftwich already owns a Super Bowl ring. Bruce Arians says he wouldn't have came back to the Bucs without Leftwich. An undervalued talent Anderson is sure to notice.

2. Byron Leftwich

Arizona State needs an identity. Mullen, with his offensive skills, is that guy. Yes, he's weird. but  as current structure Mullen may win the Pac-12. Soon.

3. Dan Mullen

Monken needs a head coaching position now. If nothing else, he's turned quarterback Stetson Bennett into one of the top offensive players in the country.

4. Todd Monken

Freeze is a bright offense mind with loads of head-coaching experience whose previous missteps can be investigated but ultimately overcome by Crow.

5. Hugh Freeze

Harsin's style and attitude suit the Southwest. If Arizona State doesn't sign him, he'll return to Boise State.

6. Bryan Harsin

Arizona State isn't a Pac-12 powerhouse, but it needs a boost. Sanders would be a bold pick if Florida State isn't open.

7. Deion Sanders

Herman absence is too lengthy. Less than two years after departing Texas, he still has much to offer as a play-calling head coach.

8. Tom Herman

Norvell was Edwards' top replacement contender a month ago. The season started, Arizona State went south, and Norvell is 3-0 at Florida State.

9. Mike Norvell

Wilcox is a terrific defensive thinker who needs room  and the cash  to improve. Cal doesn't dedicate as much to football as much other programs even in the conference.

10. Justin Wilcox