Ariel Elias's Brilliant Reply To Rowdy Heckler

Ariel Elias, a comedian, has been praised for her flawless response to a heckler who threw a full beer can at her head.

Ariel Elias was halfway through her set at a New Jersey comedy club in the U.s on Saturday evening (local time) when her performance took a terrifying turn.

A female audience member asked Elias if she voted for Donald Trump during a Q&A section of her show, to which she replied, "what do you think?"

"I have a question for you. Why would you ask that knowing that I am the only Jew in the room?" "Are you trying to get me killed?" the comedian responded.

Elias told the crowd to "make some noise if you want her to shut talking," which elicited loud applause.

As the comedian attempted to continue the show and give the crowd "the rest of the bit," a can of beer smashed against the brick just centimetres from Elias' head.

Elias then leaned down and picked up the partially empty can before taking a gulp, drawing applause from the audience.

According to Elias, there were roughly 20 hecklers dressed for a Mexican themed party who "had to be told to shut down before the event even started."

She added on Twitter that the person who threw the beer "ran out of the club soon after tossing it."