American Families Could Get $250 A Month For A Year Under New Plan

Under the terms of the latest proposal, THOUSANDS of low-income families could be eligible to receive $250 per month for an entire year.

The Dallas City Council agreed to move at least $20 million from one account to another to help pay for the programme.

The money comes from sales tax money that was collected in excess and is set aside for racial justice.

This includes $1 million for the pilot programme, which would send monthly payments to 325 families.

110 households in Houston receive $375 per month, compared to 85 households in Austin that receive $1,000 each month.

In 2020, San Antonio started a pilot program where 1,000 low-income families would get $400 every three months for two years.

A number of states have established assistance programs for their citizens to help them deal with payments that are made on a regular basis.

In Virginia, 150 people who take part in the Alexandria Guaranteed Income Pilot will get $500 every month for two years, until 2023.

Families in Phoenix, Arizona, who are struggling are getting $1,000 debit cards that can be used for a year.