9 Million Americans To Get Checks Of Up To $1400 This Week

This week, the federal government is mailing out stimulus checks to millions of Americans, each of which can be worth up to $1,400.

The Middle-Class Tax Refund is now being mailed to California residents in amounts up to $1,050, with some receiving direct payments and others via mail.

According to the Treasury Department, approximately 9 million Americans have received letters informing them that they may be eligible for the funds.

The IRS sent letters to people who qualify for the child tax credit, recovery rebate credit, or earned income tax credit but haven't filed a 2021 return.

Meanwhile, Newsweek reports that a stimulus payment formerly known as the recovery rebate credit is worth $1,400 in New York.

According to officials, residents should receive their checks by October 31, and they will be distributed to approximately 1.75 million New Yorkers.

Eligible Alaska residents should have received direct debit payments issued on on September 20, with checks mailed out on October 6.

Residents of Hawaii who filed their state income tax returns by July 31 should have received direct payments in September.

People who file their 2021 tax returns between August 1 and December 21 should expect to receive their payments within 12 weeks of filing.

If you were expecting a stimulus letter and haven't received one, you should double-check the mailing information you provided to the government.