$841 Supplemental Security Income: Who’s Eligible?

SSI delivers monthly benefits to blind or disabled adults and children with little income and resources.

SSI payments are also available to people 65 and older who meet the financial requirements and are not disabled.

Everyone pays taxes for SSI (not Social Security taxes). It provides monthly money for food, clothes, and housing.

Everyone gets different amounts. In states that supplement SSI, you may get extra. You may get less if you have salaries, pensions, or Social Security.

You might be able to get SSI if you own less than $2,000 worth of things. A couple may be able to get SSI if they have less than $3,000 in assets.

You might be able to get SSI payments every month even if you already get Social Security Disability Insurance or retirement benefits.

Anyone can join SSI. SSI is a programme run by the government that helps people who:

1. Are at least 65 years old, have a disability, or are blind.


2. Have little money (wages, pensions, etc.) 3. U.S. citizens, nationals, or non-citizens 4. You live in one of the 50 states, DC, or the Northern Mariana Islands

Children of military parents who are permanently stationed outside the U.S. can get SSI payments, and some students who are only there for a short time can also get them.