8 Best Countries Offering Retirement Visas For Americans

American retirees are sought by foreign nations. Some countries give retirees preferential visa policies and relocation incentives.

1. Belize

Belize is a pleasant and tropical English-speaking country roughly a two-hour flight from the southern United States. The retiree-specific visa makes it simple to start a life in Belize.

2. Panama

Large American expat communities have long resided in Panama. Its Pensionado (pensioner) Visa is the premier visa for retirees.

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its exotic culture and beauty. Indonesia's Retirement Visa is for 55-year-olds with $1,500 monthly or $18,000 annual income.

4. Colombia

Colombia is gradually becoming a retirement destination. Euro-chic Medellín offers good quality of life at low cost. Its retirement visa attracts American expats.

5. Ecuador

Ecuadorian expats might reside in Miami-style Pacific coastal cities or indigenous-influenced Spanish-colonial highlands. Ecuador uses the dollar. Ecuador's Jubilado Visa is simple.

6. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is blessed with two long coasts, two large lakes, volcanoes, rain forests, and rivers. Its Pensionado Visa for retirees is one of the world's easiest to obtain.

7. The Philippines

Former U.S. colony the Philippines has large expat communities. The Special Resident Retiree's Visa is best for retirees.

8. Thailand

Thai beaches, health care, nice inhabitants, and low cost of living have drawn thousands of expats. Thailand has liberal visa policies. Retirement visas are Non-Immigrant "O" Visas.