$500 Tax Rebates For Virginia Residents: Who’s Eligible?

Virginia residents will receive tax rebates after the state's General Assembly approved the measure.

Millions of taxpayers will receive a refund, with individuals receiving $250 and joint filers receiving $500.

Not all Virginians are qualified for the rebate; those who owe institutions or government agencies may get less or nothing at all.

Who is eligible?

Virginians who owed money on their taxes from the last year will receive the payment, thus 3.2 million citizens should receive checks.

Residents must file their taxes before November 1 in order to be eligible for the payout.

When money will be sent out

Checks will be sent out on October 17 to those who filed their taxes by July 1 and it will be in their accounts by October 31.

Residents who got their refund by direct deposit will most likely have the rebate put into the same account under the heading VA DEPT TAXATION VATXREBATE. All other qualifying residents will be paid.

Taxpayers can use an online tool to see if they are qualified. It enables residents to determine whether they qualify for the payment and how much they may receive.

Find out if you qualify

Residents must just provide their zip code, SSN or ITIN, and indicate whether they have an overseas address.