4th Stimulus Update 2022: Nine $3,200 Direct Payments In October

This month, residents will get NINE huge direct payments, each worth up to $3,200, to help them deal with a year of record-high inflation.

Rebates, stimulus checks, and tax credits have been approved by states all over the country as part of relief packages.

One of the states that is contributing to the relief effort by giving each of its people a check for $3,200 is Alaska.

The states of Delaware and Hawaii have already begun providing direct payments to their citizens in the amount of $300.

On September 12th, the state of Illinois started making direct relief payments of up to $300 for those affected by the recent storms.

In Maine, tax rebate checks worth $850 for an individual and $1,700 for an average family will be sent out until the end of the year.

Another manner in which New York assists its citizens is by providing a child tax credit of up to $270 per qualifying child.

Beginning in October, residents of Rhode Island will be eligible to receive tax refunds of up to $750 for each child they have.

Virginians who are eligible can also get a tax rebate of up to $500. Last, between October and January of next year, Californians can get tax refunds of up to $1,050.