4th Stimulus Check 2022: $600 Mail-in Payments

Fourth stimulus check in 2022 — $600 in direct payments going out via mail from a $1 billion pot - see if you get money!

Americans in the state of Idaho are currently receiving direct payments of $600, which come from a pool of funds worth $1 billion.

Over 190,000 residents have now received their payouts, but a significant number of others are still waiting.

Idaho began dropping payments on September 26th, and everyone should have received theirs by Thanksgiving.

Residents who filed their taxes on time could expect to receive their refund within that time frame, according to Governor Brad Little.

In addition to that, he mentioned that the state has already sent out 192,000 refund checks with a combined amount of $133 million.

These payments are part of a wider $1 billion plan aimed at reducing the state's fiscal surplus, cutting taxes, and increasing education investment.

The amount returned to residents will be determined using their most recent, authorized 2020 tax return information on file.

Taxpayers who file their returns individually will receive a $300 refund, while married couples filing jointly will receive a $600 refund.