$487 Stimulus Check For Minnesota Residents: Who’s Eligible?

Frontline employees in Minnesota are set to get a $487 stimulus payment for their efforts in fighting COVID-19.

Governor Tim Walz announced the direct payment on October 3, with up to 1,025,655 workers in line to receive a check. On Twitter, Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan later confirmed the news.

Payments began to be distributed on October 5, with eligible recipients getting notification through email  whether their application was granted or not.

How to qualify

Employees in the healthcare, long-term care, education, courts, and food service industries were all eligible.

Minnesota citizens who held such jobs during the most recent tax year are eligible for the $487 payment.

Those who get the payment by direct deposit will receive it within 7 to 10 business days, which means they will receive the money during the week of October 17.

Those individuals who choose to go with a pre-paid debit card would have to wait between three and four weeks to receive their funds.

The initial intention was for 667,000 frontline employees to get $750 payouts as part of a $500 million investment.

However, the payment was made available to a more number of workers, which resulted in smaller payments.