4 States Are Sending $200 To $1,050 Checks: Who’ll Get By Christmas?

At least four states will provide direct payouts of up to $1,050 in advance of the holiday. This year, many states have authorized relief packages due to record-high inflation.

This includes payments like relief checks and refunds. Several states will begin or continue with the cash distribution in November. Here are the states that are distributing money before Christmas.

California's tax refund program is sending payouts to Californians' bank accounts and mailboxes.

1. California Up to $1,050

Approximately 23 million people are eligible for payments ranging from $200 to $1,050. The payments are distributed in batches.

Those who received the first or second Golden State Stimulus funds via direct deposit received them first. Californians should have received the money in their accounts from October 7 to 25.

The factors that determine eligibility and payment amounts are income, tax filing status, and household size.

New Mexico's deadline to collect a $400 relief check has gone, but payments will be made by November. The help is for low-income residents.

2. New Mexico – $400

Direct deposit is the fastest way to collect your money if your application was approved. Applicants without banking information will get payments through mail.

This year, many Idahoans may receive additional money for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as checks will be mailed over the holidays.  The checks are worth up to $600.

3. Idaho - up to $600

Previously, Governor Brad Little stated that the state has granted 192,000 rebates worth a total of $133 million. Individuals receive $300, while married couples receive $600.

Massachusetts taxpayers are expected to receive a refund of around 14 percent of their Massachusetts income tax due in 2021.

4. Massachusetts - up to 14% of tax liability

However, if you owe child support or have outstanding taxes, the amount may be reduced. You are eligible for a rebate if you file your taxes by September 15, 2023.