$3000 Child Tax Credit: How Can Non-Filers Claim?

During the pandemic, it has been hard for Americans, especially those with kids. You can get help with the Child Tax Credit.

The deadline to sign up for monthly Child Tax Credit payments is November 15. Most families have already signed up!

Code for America, a non-profit organization worked with the Administration to sign up non-filers. This tool is straightforward to use and available in Spanish too.

If you filed taxes for 2019 or 2020 or signed up for an IRS stimulus check through the Non-Filer tool, you'll receive the Child Tax Credit automatically each month.

If you haven't already, you can still sign up for the Child Tax Credit. You won't lose your benefits if you do.

These payments can't be counted as income by any family. So signing up won't affect your eligibility for other federal benefits like SNAP and WIC.

You can also apply for the Recovery Rebate Credit, which is also called a stimulus payment, as part of this process.

If you have at least one eligible kid and make less than $24,800 as a married couple, $18,650 as a Head of Household, or $12,400 as a single filer, this tool can help you receive the Child Tax Credit

You can also use the tool to get missed stimulus payments. Here are the things you need to get the job done.


1. The Social Security system gives you and your spouse Social Security numbers (or ITINs) and gives your children Social Security numbers. 2. A mailbox, Email address or phone number, bank account details.