$3000 Checks For Kansas Residents For Making A Simple Change Outdoors

Residents of Hays, Kansas can get a $1 per-square-foot rebate if they switch to turf grass that needs less water.

Rebates are capped at $3,000 per property and depend on what kind of grass people have on their lawns and how big their property is.

The City of Hays said that rebates are mostly for people who water their lawns with city water, but some rebates are also for people who use private wells.

Properties that meet the requirements will be accepted into the rebate program on a first-come, first-served basis.

One of the eligible turf grass conversions is changing a well-kept, irrigated cool-season grass to a warm-season grass.

People could also put mulched planting beds in places where they used to water and maintain cool-season turf grass.

When compared to cool-season turf grass, warm-season turf grass doesn't need much, if any, extra watering.

That means that when people in the city make this switch, they help the community avoid water shortages and waste.

Residents who want to get this money back must do a pre-inspection before they start converting their turf. This needs to be planned in advance with the City of Hays.