3 Dividend Kings To Buy Right Now

When we think of a good portfolio, we normally think of strong stock performance. That is a significant component of the puzzle.

But there's another component to a successful investment story: stocks that pay a dividend year after year.

What must you do to benefit from this passive income? Nothing. You only need to own the stock.

Let's take a look at three superstars in the world of dividends that you should add to your holdings right away.

Abbott Laboratories (ABT -0.16%) has grown its dividend for the past 50 years and is on the distinguished list of Dividend Kings.

# Abbott Laboratories

Abbott has a track record of increasing earnings over time. And its robust product portfolio is likely to maintain it that way.

Target (TGT 3.10%) has raised its dividend every year for the past 51 years. That's nearly as long as Target has been a publicly traded company.

# Target

Target shined amid the pandemic. Consumers liked the company's wide range of basics, contactless pickup, and digital platform.

Coca-Cola (KO 1.60%) may not provide spectacular share performance, but it can be counted on to deliver consistent growth over time. 

# Coca-Cola

The company's forward dividend is $1.76 and yields 3.15 percent. According to NYU Stern School of Business, that's greater than the industry average of 2.52%.