3 Big Changes For Renters Including Ban Of No Fault Eviction

Michael Gove has stated that three substantial improvements for renters are on the way.

Today, the Levelling Up Secretary lashed out at a "small but noxious minority" of landlords who fail to treat renters correctly.

This legislation constitutes a "blueprint for renters" and is outlined in a "White Paper" published by the government.

The first of three significant changes outlined in the white paper will be the elimination of section 21 no-fault evictions.

As things stand, if you're not in the middle of a renting contract, your landlord can ask you to leave without giving you a reason.

Many renters fear getting evicted at short notice or live in substandard housing afraid they'll be asked to leave if they report difficulties.

If Section 21 is repealed, landlords will still be permitted to terminate tenancies for good reason, such as nonpayment of rent or property damage.

The proposal also proposes doubling notice durations. As of now, landlords simply have to give two months' notice to initiate eviction procedures.

However, under Mr Gove's plan, if you are evicted for legitimate grounds, you will have twice as much time to locate a new home.

The third big policy reform that Brits should expect is rent reimbursement for substandard housing.