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14 Vintage Photos Of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, 94, has spent her life in the spotlight. Her style has changed from bright skirt suits and fancy hats. Queen Elizabeth II has always been stylish, as these vintage looks show.

She became Head of the Commonwealth and queen regnant in 1953. As Queen, she attends balls and galas like this in 1954.

01. Attending A Ball

In 1947, Elizabeth married Prince Phillip. Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward are their four kids.

02. Queen Elizabeth And Husband Prince Phillip

In 1954, while the Queen is on a visit to Queensland, she has met with various guests.

03. Visiting Queensland

This picture was taken in 1968 at the Trooping of the Colours. It shows the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

04. Viewing Trooping Of The Colours From The Palace

In 1958, she went to the Derby with her sister, Princess Margaret, and mother, Queen Elizabeth.

05. At The Derby

During her long reign, the Queen has met a lot of famous people, like actor Bob Hope, shown here in 1967.

06. Meeting Bob Hope

This picture of Queen Elizabeth was taken in 1954 on one of her trips to see the Commonwealth.

07. Visiting Melbourne

People know that Queen Elizabeth loves horses. In 1968, she rode with her sister, Princess Margaret, and her husband, Prince Phillip.

08. Riding Horseback

She and Prince Phillip travelled extensively during her long reign. The Queen and Prince Phillip toured Ontario in 1951.

09. Visiting Ontario

The year 1972 was the year that this photograph of the Queen and her son Prince Charles was taken.

10. Visiting France

In 1969, the queen met with Indira Gandhi, who was then the Prime Minister of India.

11. Meeting With India's Prime Minister

In this picture, the Queen gives the trophy to Virginia Wade, the winner of Wimbledon in 1977.

12. Congratulating Wimbledon Winner

In 1970, Queen Elizabeth went to Australia. Check out how her hat and gloves, which are always classic, finish off her outfit.

13. Visiting Australia

The Queen is seen here at the Royal Variety Show in 1960. She looks very royal in this dress.

14. Attending The Theater