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12 Hidden Secrets In $1 Bill That You Might Not Aware

There's probably a lot you don't know about it. After all, the US dollar note has a lot of history with all the wallets it has been in and out of throughout the years.

The $1 silver certificate previously featured Martha Washington. A collectible bill could be worth $1,000 or more depending on its condition.

1. Martha Washington Has Appeared On It

First legal $1 note issued during Civil War doesn't feature America’s first president, George Washington. It starred Salmon P. Chase, then-treasury secretary.

2. George Washington Wasn’t  the Original

$1 bill hasn't changed since 1963. for Legal reasons it exist. The Financial Services and General Appropriations Act bans altering the $1 banknote.

3. The $1 Bill Design Hasn’t Changed Since 1963

The Federal Reserve reported that there were 12.4 billion $1 notes in circulation in 2018. Surprisingly, there are more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills. 

4. It’s Not the Most Common Bill

According to the Federal Reserve, the $1 bill costs 5.6 cents to create, the same as a $2 bill. $100 bills cost 13.2 cents.

5. It Only Costs 5.6 Cents To Make

It's called paper money, but it's not. U.S. currency paper is 75% cotton and 25% linen, according to the Treasury.

6. It’s Not Made of Paper

According to the Federal Reserve, $1 bills disappear after 5.8 years. Compared to the $10 bill's 4.5-year lifespan and the $100 bill's 15-year longevity.

7. It Has a Short Lifespan

In 2002, the US Air Force discovered germs on 94% of 68 $1 bills. According to Scientific American, the bacterium could cause pneumonia or other illnesses.

8. They’re Disgusting

The dollar may contain germs. CNN stated in 2017 that 80% of dollar bills contain drug. Researchers also identified methamphetamine and heroin residues. 

9. Most Bucks Have Drugs on Them

Disfigured, ripped, or partial dollar bills aren't useless. If you have at least 50% of a bill and appropriate security features, you may be able to redeem it for its value. 

10. 50% Still Equals $1

Where's George? may reveal where your $1 note has been. The site tracks your bill serial number. There are 281 million bills entered.

11. You Can Track $1 Bills

According to the State Department, it took Congress six years to adopt the Great Seal of the U.S., which is on the back of the $1 bill.

12. It Took Years To Approve the Great Seal