10 Worst States For Retirement In 2023

1. New York

Manhattan is the most expensive city in America to live in, with expenditures rising by 138.6% above the average.

2. Massachusetts

For retirees, the Bay State is expensive. It has the third-highest overall living costs and the second-highest health-care costs for a 65 year old pair.

3. Maryland

Maryland seniors had the second-highest household income in the nation. Taxes and living costs squeeze it.

4. New Jersey

The Garden State may not be the best place for retirees. Retiree health care costs are third-highest and living costs fifth-highest.

5. Connecticut

This Constitution State doesn't help retirees. In fact, Connecticut is one of the 10 most tax-unfriendly states for retirees.

6. California

Living expenditures in California are second only to Hawaii. Even though seniors have a high average household income, many cannot afford the high cost of living.

7. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is little but expensive. Health care for a 65-year-old couple is 1.1% greater than normal.

8. Illinois

For years, Illinois' finances have declined. Long-term debt, unfunded pension liabilities, and budget deficits plague Illinois.

9. Louisiana

Louisiana's living costs and salaries are modest. Health care prices remain high, with a 65-year-old couple in the state likely to pay 2.1% more than the average.

10. Wisconsin

Wisconsin seniors had the lowest national average household income. Despite this, the cost of living is only slightly below average.