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10 Worst Shark Tank Pitches

Top 10 worst "Shark Tank" pitches. This list includes the worst items or services offered on the U.S. version of "Shark Tank," as well as the quality of the pitches.

The Sticky Note Holder is a gadget that attaches to the side of computers or displays and holds up to nine sticky notes, allowing users to organise their notes.

#10: Sticky Note Holder

This one of a kind fly trap is made entirely of natural materials and has no chemicals or attractants to attract flies.

#9: No Fly Cone

The Squirrel Boss is a squirrel-proof bird feeder that uses a harmless static shock to stop squirrels from eating the bird food.

#8: Squirrel Boss

Three Throx socks for the price of two. He hopes his innovation will change sock-wearing for the public and help mothers whose children always lose one sock.

#7: Throx

Track Days is a movie about motorcycle racing that seeks start-up funding in Shark Tank 

#6: Track Days

"The Sullivan Generator," introduced by Mark Sullivan which could make electricity by using the spinning of the earth.

#5: The Sullivan Generator

Ryan Custer appears on episode 312 with his Cougar Energy drink, attempting to persuade the Sharks to invest in his highly specialised product.

#4: Cougar Limited

Matty Sallin introduces his Wake n Bacon invention to the Shark Tank in episode 202, in one of the wackiest pitches in Shark Tank history.

#3: Wake n’ Bacon

Drs. Albert Amini and Richard Amini introduce their "social media software for physicians" on Shark Tank episode 505, the season 5 premiere.

#2: RoloDoc

Johnson created the device, which includes a battery, speaker, and microphone, to solve the problem of Bluetooth earpieces slipping off due to movement or extreme sweating.

#1: Ionic Ear