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10 Popular K-pop Bands That Disbanded

In the past few years, K-pop has become popular all over the world. Each of the songs by bands like BTS and BLACKPINK is at the top of the charts everywhere.

While numerous bands joined the business, several disbanded throughout the years. Here are some recently disbanded bands.

 IZ*ONE was a 12-member girl group started in 2018.The band found popularity with their first album Color*Iz.They disbanded On April 19, 2021 after their deal concluded.


Last year, Got7 became the first K-pop group to disband. From 2014 to 2021, the group of seven men was active.  Then they formally ended their contract with JYP Entertainment.

2. Got7

The band was formed in 2019, and their first album became one of the year's best-selling records. The band recently disbanded after becoming entangled in a controversy.

3. X1

On March 16, 2017, the group made its debut. They were together for nearly 4 years until splitting up and disbanding in 2021.

4. Seven O’Clock

This was another boy band that was formed in 2014. The six-member group gained popularity and success early on.They disbanded and left their agency in 2021.

5. Hotshot

TS Entertainment formed B.A.P in 2012. Boyband was rather more famous than Exo at the time.Their split in 2019 shocked fans after being together for 7 years.

6. B.A.P

Starship Entertainment debuted SISTAR in 2010. Their peppy and upbeat music got them the title "summer queens of K-pop".Their disbanded in 2017  shocked many fans as they choose solo careers.


The Source Music company formed the female group in 2015, with six members.The band steadily gained fans. In 2021, they separated while planning to release new songs.

8. GFriend

CJ E & M formed the boy band Wanna One. There were more than 11 boys in the group. They first appeared in August of 2017.Until 2018, the band performed rather well for itself.

9. Wanna One

4Minute was an edgy dance-pop band founded in 2009. Fans were taken aback when it was reported that the trio of females will be disbanding in 2016.

10. 4Minute