'We have people in America locked up right now' - Joe Rogan gets furious with hypocrites campaigning to free WNBA star Brittney Griner

‘We have people in America locked up right now’ – Joe Rogan gets furious with hypocrites campaigning to free WNBA star Brittney Griner

For most of the year we heard about the WNBA star Brittney Griner and her case in Russia. She was arrested for carrying concealed marijuana vape cartridges and pleaded guilty to the crime. Anyway, she was sentenced to a heavy sentence of 9 years in prison. Sports commentator Joe Rogan recently discussed Griner’s case.

This is a rather delicate and complicated question. Brittney is kind of a celebrity being a WNBA star and all. However, the Russian authorities seem not to have considered this at all as a positive point and imposed a severe sentence on him.

We all know how people in the United States behave when faced with issues like this. Rogan responded to exactly that and shared how he felt about the whole situation.

Joe Rogan questions the difference between Brittney Griner and a prisoner in the United States

We all sympathize with Griner’s situation on some level. Committing a mild crime in hostile territory and facing serious life-altering consequences is frightening. However, there is one suggestion that seems to be floating around involving a prisoner swap in an attempt to free Griner. Joe Rogan criticizes it with passion.

Like how about that Brittney Griner situation? Brittney Griner is currently in prison in Russia. Because she went there to play basketball and she had cannabis oil vape cartridges she had on her. I don’t know if she just didn’t know they were illegal or tried to sneak them in They got her arrested it’s against the law and she could do 10 years in prison which is horrible and she’s already been there for months But here’s what’s important. People freak out about it. Russia must let her go.

Joe then brought the issue home, “We have people in America right now locked up for marijuana and they’ve been locked up for years and years. There isn’t one, there are thousands, so what? they’re no good at throwing a fucking ball into a net. Is it that they are not good for this thing that we don’t like to watch. So these fuckin’ people ain’t let out?”

He certainly makes a valid point. More than half a million people are arrested each year in America for marijuana-related crimes. In fact, it alone accounts for almost half of all drug-related arrests. Forbes reports that around 545,600 people were arrested for weed in 2019 alone.

None of them are discussed because they are not professional players in a minor league. Rogan finds this ridiculous and points it out.

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