'We don't even know if he's that hungry' - Tennis legend Chris Evert is skeptical of Roger Federer's passion for the sport as he nears retirement

‘We don’t even know if he’s that hungry’ – Tennis legend Chris Evert is skeptical of Roger Federer’s passion for the sport as he nears retirement

Chris Evert is one of the greatest tennis players of all time and has won 18 Grand Slam singles tournaments in his career. They say it takes a legend to understand another legend. In a recent interview, Evert talked about Roger Federer and his return to court.

Evert is skeptical that Federer will reach the number one rank at the age of 41. However, she also thinks it would still be a big achievement if he manages to rise through the ranks and play competitively with the youngsters.

Roger Federer (Credit: Twitter)

According World Tennisshe says, “The feeling is that it would take a titanic feat not to return to number 1, but even just to return to the Top 5. That would be something incredible at his age. We don’t know how training is going.

Moreover, Evert is also unsure if Federer is still wearing the same training he had before his one-year gap with tennis. She says, “We don’t even know if he is as hungry as before or if he is satisfied with the life he leads. We can only give a verdict after seeing it in action. As I have repeated a myriad of times, everyone withdraws when they want.

Chris Evert says Roger Federer is happy with his life off the pitch

At present, Federer is recovering from his injury to make his return to court. However, the Swiss maestro has a keen business sense and has launched several projects during this time. After his retirement, Federer will be looking forward to growing his business and his brand.

Roger Federer and his family
Roger Federer and his family (Credit: Twitter)

Moreover, he also has a family with his wife Mirka. They share four children and Federer has stated on several occasions how he was able to spend precious time with his children during his time off the pitch. In his recent interviews, Federer made it clear that he finds more joy with his children than playing tennis.

Speaking of the same, Evert said, “Roger Federer has four children and is enjoying life in Switzerland. He has started many projects off the pitch and looks really happy. Although we don’t know much about his retirement, what we do know is that he will return to the pitch for the Laver Cup in the coming weeks.

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