Uber New Safety Regulations, Requires Drivers and Riders to Wear Masks

Uber announces new safety regulations, requiring drivers and riders to wear face masks when using the service.

Uber drivers and riders to wear face masks
Uber drivers and riders to wear face masks. PHOTO/Shutterstock

Uber drivers and riders to wear face masks: As more governments move to reopen public life, Uber, the world’s leading ride-hailing app, has announced various new safety precautions to keep drivers and passengers safe from the spread of COVID-19.

Beginning Monday, Uber will require all drivers and passengers to wear face masks when using the service and to go through a digital checklist, including masks and hand washing.

Uber will use artificial intelligence built into its application to verify that its drivers comply with the new safety regulations. They must prove they are wearing a mask by sending the Selby to the Uber app, and riders will receive a notification to confirm that their driver has complied.

Passengers will be asked to sit in the back seat alone and open the windows for ventilation.

“You know what to expect is important to us,” Uber told us in a declaration. “Our technical and security teams have worked hard over the past two months to develop a new product experience that will help everyone to protect when they use Uber.”

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“Everybody should take proper precautions not only to protect you but also the driver and the next person to get in the car,” said Uber CEO Tara Kosrozhani. “It’s all around you and it’s not just about protecting yourself.”

To ensure the compliance of all Uber participants, both drivers and riders are asked to notify the company of any violations of the safety protocol. Repeat the risk that criminals will stop their accounts.

“We encourage drivers to cancel trips without penalty if they don’t feel safe, including if the driver doesn’t wear a mask, “said the company.

More dedicated to the new health regulations, Uber says it has set aside $50 million to buy masks, disinfectant spray, wipes, hand sanitizers and gloves for drivers and riders.

Uber says it has already received 23 million masks.

Its leading ride-hailing competitor, Lyft , announced similar guidelines this month. Both international companies use their products in all markets the same way to ensure that security is a top priority for app users in every region around the world.

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