The dark drama about toxic relationships that’s all the rage on Netflix

A couple seems to be living a perfect life until doubt creeps into their home. (Privilege)

Loving adults is a Danish original film recently brought to the service of stream on August 26, 2022, an hour and 45 minute thriller centered around a suspenseful drama that is becoming a crowd pleaser. Just 3 days after it was available on the platform, it has managed to enter the top 100 list of best movies of 2022 so far movie affinity. This is a feature film based on a novel, directed by also Danish Barbara Topsøe Rothenborgwith script from Anders Ronnow Klarlund Y Jacob Weinreich.

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The synopsis of adult love focuses on the fine line between love and hate, which turns deadly when a woman discovers her husband’s affair, leading both to extreme measures to get what they want.

official poster of "adult love".  (netflix)
Official Poster of “Adult Love”. (netflix)

“Love should come with a warning letter that says ‘Love kills’.” It’s one of the most resonant phrases heard in the trailer. It shows from the start how everything begins to fall apart between the couple when the wife suspects her husband’s infidelity, which out of habit erupts into unhealthy behavior at the slightest event; for example: late night news, delays to work or surprise trips. Everything forms a thin mountain that will collapse sooner or later.

in the Rotten tomatoesUntil now, adult love It has a score of 71%, with less than 50 reviews. And in general it has received mixed criticism regarding its story and production in general.

Dar Salim, male lead in "adult love".  (netflix)
Dar Salim, male lead in “Adult Love”. (netflix)


the cast of adult love consists mainly of Lars Ranthe, DarSalim, Sonja Richter, Caroline Hamm, Your Wilkins, Mikael Birkkjaer Y Milo Campanale, among other secondary

Around, Wilkins, the young actress who played the man’s mistress in an interview for the Danish culture magazine sound placeHe spoke about his role in this thriller. “I believe and hope so adult love It can be the starting point of my dreams. I haven’t had any big roles. I’ve done many projects, but only as a supporting actress. Without a doubt, this is the dream for film and television to be able to tell stories in front of and behind the camera that emphasize diversity.”

Sonja Richter, Danish actress in the leading role "adult love".  (netflix)
Sonja Richter, Danish actress in “Adult Love”. (netflix)

If you are a lover of drama related to couple relationships then adult love is for you. You know, available at Netflix.


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