Waiting Ended!!! SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69: Releasing Date Revealed


The message that Viper and the Sword Saint delivered with them became a crucial focus of SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter. The two of them got here in an education assembly to get concerned about combat between Kim and the Heavenly Demon.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69: Will Be Releasing Soon!!! Latest Updates To Know

It appeared that they had to talk to them about urgent that they needed to do to satisfy them on the education list. It’s believed that the Cult would possibly have made it about their association. They have been summoned. If the new bankruptcy does now no longer exist, then here’s all you need to grasp.


From the upcoming bankruptcy, enthusiasts can wish to select what the Sword and Viper want from the heavenly demon. In the meantime, Kim becomes informed of the other kinds of Sword Artwork from his grasp. The bankruptcy may also assist Kim’s war with the undead who had died of hunger.

What Will Occur Subsequently?

By manner of the top of the previous bankruptcy, Kim had unleashed all four types of sworded of hunger. However in any case, prior to he may continue his education with the Heavenly Demon, Sword Saint had encompassed Viper to meet with Baekhyang. That is the direct indication that the ones are referred to as the demonic Cult immediately. Since Kim’s first assembly alongside his grasp, there has no longer been any data on whether or not the Cult is aware of him.
Because the Sword Emperor has described preceding that handiest the youngsters abandoned through the manner of their guardians had been allowed to be a part of the Cult, Kim had no right to be there. Thus, knowing that he’s educated with Baekhyang, both of them in the meanwhile are answerable to the Cult. Will the Cult accept this association? SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter Bankruptcy 69 will supply us with the solution.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69: Release Date

The following bankruptcy of Suicide Hunter will allow us to know how Kim is making improvements in the training with Baekhyang. So, SSS-Elegance Suicide Hunter Bankruptcy 69 will release this week on April 6, 2022. Fanatics will locate all the chapters of the manhwa best on the expert pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

Earlier Bankruptcy Recap!

Chapter 68 of SSS-Class Suicide started with Kim monologing about Baekhyang not being stimulated with the aid of using manner of his improvement while he observed the Sword of Hunger. However, now that he was once combating the undead making and striving to overcome thirst, the Heavenly Demon’s demeanor was once entirely modified. The girl informed him that his Swordrd was once too smooth and it didn’t look as even though it was once combating enemies. In the meantime, Preta had come once more with our bodies that had died of hunger.
Now, the Heavenly Demon held him and decided to train Kim regarding the Core of Simgyeol. She asked Kim to close his eyes and think about the style of starvation. For him, hunger tasted like dust, daylight, river water, and children taking components around it. Then, she told him to keep in mind the time while his mother fed him with scraped apples. This was once exactly how thirst felt too. In opposition to the tip of the bankruptcy, Kim was once in a position to examine Baekhyang’s instructions and unleash the primary form of the Sword of Hunger.

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