Se* Party: Owner of Tower Guest House in Kireka pleaded not guilty

Of the 22 people arrested by police on Saturday in connection with a se* party hosted at Tower Guest House in Kireka, 11 have been charged and convicted.

  • Owner of Tower Guest House pleaded not guilty to the charges.
  • Amutusimire is also accused of using the guest house for commercial se*ual exploitation.
  • The case was postponed until 18th October 2020 for those who pleaded not guilty.
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They were charged and convicted on six counts of disobedience to legal orders, negligence of possible contagion, brothel, indecent practices, prostitution and incitement to kidnapping persons.

The offences are punishable by three and seven years in prison, respectively.

Among the offenders were Suzan Akwir, 25, Phiona Nalubega, 27, Prossy Nabukenya alias Nakimera, 20, Esther Apio, 26, Christine Nsereko, 21, Edith Nakimbugwe, 22, and Mariam Nakalembe, 20.

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The others were Ali Mugisha, 26, Sabra Achen, 23, Shakira Nanteza, 28, and Irene Namatovu, 28, the majority of them are se* workers.

The Grade 1 Magistrate of the Kira Chief Magistrate Court, Joan Aciro, charged that the panel having pleaded guilty at their request.

However, the owner of the Tower Guest House in Kireka, where the se* party took place, Sharon Amutusimire, 26, along with a Boda Boda rider Yesiga Mugenyi, 20, denied the allegations.

Amutusimire faces separate charges, including owning a brothel and encouraging people to be trafficked.

“This court is punishing you at your own request. But a plea of ​​not guilty has been filed against Amutusimire and Mugenyi,” Aciro said.

What are the Charges

The prosecution alleges that the accused and others violated the legal order, i.e., the curfew, to stay in their homes from 9:00 pm to 5:30 am on October 10, 2020, at a se* party at the Tower Guest House in Kireka, Kira, Wakiso District.


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At the same place the accused, illegally and negligently engaged in a social gathering, an act that they knew was likely to spread the infection, i.e. COVID-19, a life-threatening disease.

According to Prosecution, Amutusimire and others have maintained rooms at the Tower Guest House for prostitution since 2019 at Kireka Namugongo division in Kira.

Amutusimire is also accused of using the guest house for the commercial sexual exploitation purposes of a 16-year-old girl (name withheld).

The case was postponed until 18th October 2020 to convict and hear those who pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The New Vision also contributed to this story.

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