Rwanda Is Set to Resume Commercial Flights on August 1

Rwanda on Saturday announced that the country will resume commercial flights on August 1.

rwanda resume commercial flights
Rwanda resume commercial flights after COVID-19 suspension. FILE PHOTO

Rwanda on Saturday announced that the country will resume commercial flights on August 1, which has been suspended since March 20 in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

  • Rwanda announced that the country will resume commercial flights on August 1
  • As of Saturday, a total of 1,105 COVID-19 cases were registered in Rwanda
  • Kagame made a commitment on the 26th Day of Liberation, to defeat the coronavirus pandemic
  • Kagame led the Rwandan refugees’ group who fled to Uganda in the four-year war
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The Ministry of Infrastructure said in a statement that airport operations will follow the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and the International Civil Aviation Organization to ensure the safety and health of passengers amid the epidemic.

All passengers, including those who are in transit, must show proof of the negative result of the COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival from a certified laboratory.

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Travellers entering Rwanda have to take a second test and stay at designated hotels at their own expense before the results are presented.

As of Saturday, a total of 1,105 COVID-19 cases were registered in Rwanda, including 523 recoveries and three deaths.

The country’s borders are closed, except for goods and freight supplies, Rwandan citizens and legal residents.

Charter flights allowed international travellers to enter the country as tourism reopened in June. The announcement did not specify whether the borders would reopen after the planes reopened.

Rwanda vows to defeat COVID-19

On Saturday, the President of Rwanda made a commitment on the 26th Day of Liberation , to defeat the coronavirus pandemic, urging people to stand up and protect one another.

The country is going through a hard time, President Paul Kagame said, but can surpass all differences by forming the united front.

“The epidemic is a test for us. The way we are addressing our preparedness against anything that tries to disrupt our lives and our progress, ”he said.

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“We are always ready to defend Rwandans and what we have achieved. We must fight and defeat the COVID-19.

His comments came in the wake of 1,081 cases in the country, including three deaths and 512 recoveries.

The president was in the eastern Niagara district bordering Uganda, where the Rwandan Patriotic Army began its war of liberation on October 1, 1990.

Kagame led the Rwandan refugees’ group who fled to Uganda in the four-year war which ended the genocide against the Tutsi ethnic group in 1994.

The Rwandan Patriotic Army has taken up arms against the regime of former President Juvenal Habyarimana and repeatedly rejected appeals to allow the refugees to return home peacefully.

“Twenty-six years have passed since we liberated ourselves. We have accomplished a lot – it requires sacrifice, hard work and the cooperation of many,” Kagame said.

“After a vicious politics of greed, hatred and division, we have built a country that is not just for some but for everyone; everyone is a country that cares about others.”

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He then launched several major infrastructure projects in the border district, including a sample settlement and educational facilities for vulnerable families.

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