Radha Sadau’s Exciting And Exhilarating Life!!!

Radha Sadau's Exciting And Exhilarating Life

Rahama Sadau is a Nigerian actress, a passionate businesswoman, a good filmmaker, a dancer, and a singer. She was born on 7 December 1997. Her age is 24 years as she was brought up in Kaduna, Nigeria. Her parents are Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau.

The Adventurous Life Of Rahama Sadau!!

Rahama Sadau completed her secondary schooling through Kaduna Capital school, and she was subsequently promoted to Missbau Islam from her inventory Secondary School. Later she took a degree in Human Resources Management at the University of Northern Cyprus of Eastern Mediterranean. Sadau has a good command of Hausa, English, Hindi, and Chinese languages.

Radha Sadau's Exciting And Exhilarating Life

In 2013 Rahama Jadau joined the Kannywood movies industry through director Ali Muhu Mohammad and starting her career, she played minor roles and the gained fame from her role in “Grant ga wane, Jinin sikina’ There was some controversy surrounding her role in the romantic music video she appeared in with Jor barn.

By 2016 she was recognized as the Face of Kannywood. She got featured in a movie series on EbonyLife TV. In 2017 she produced her first production company, which she named “Sadau Pictures,” With that production house, she made her first movie called Rany a the returned and played. Role of Career teacher in MTV shung. They have worked in 30+ films from 2012 to 2019.

Net Worth And Married Life Of Rahama Sadau

There were rumors about Rahama Sadau with one of the Kanny wood stars, and she has a relationship with one of the stars. She got married, but she later confirmed that she was not finding my husband. As a businesswoman, her net worth is $ 22 million, making her the richest in Kannywood Industry.

She also does endorsement deals and makes her money with all the sales that she gets in the year. Throughout her career, she dealt with vanilla and Pineapple drink, koyin skincare, and Medicaid, the brands she Earned one-million-dollar. According to this, her estimated income is 3 million.

Some Exciting Facts About Rahama Sadau

  • She was involved in the different controversies during her career in Kannywood.
  • She is one of the three daughters among five children.
  • Her acting career began in 2013.
  • She also does filmmaking, dancing, and singing.

Awards Received By Rahama Sadau

In 2014 she got the best actress award in the Kannywood industry at the city people’s Entertainment award. Later in 2015, she got the best actress award again at the people’s Entertainment award, and in the same year, they got one more as a Best African actress in African voice.

In 2017 they were nominated two times for Best Nollywood Award. They were nominated for Best Actress in a lead role for the film Tatu which was in the English language, and for Best actress in the lead role for Movie Matatace Shahid, which was in the Hausa language.

So, readers, I hope you learned about the face behind the camera and Rahama’s hard work to earn fame by looking into her life. Meet you next time with another inspirational story of a new beginning.

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