Princess Fifi Ejindu’s Fascinating Life Secrets!!

Princess Fifi Ejindu's Fascinating Life Secrets

Princess Fifi Ejindu is a well-known architect in Nigeria, and she is also a Businesswoman, Philanthropist. Her great-grandfather is James Ekpo Bassey, an Efik monarch. As King Bassey was a grandfather of her mother crowned as a king of Cobham lown by an old representative of Queen Victoria in 1893, this Fifi was also given a little of H.H. The obonganwan King James.

Surprising Details About Princess Fifi Ejindu’s Personal Life!!

She was born in Ibadan on 31 August 1962 in the Oyo state of Nigeria into a prominent royal family. Now her age is 60 years, and her zodiac sign is Virgo. His father is a Professor named Sylvester Joseph Una, and he was also the first Health Minister of the region that was once part of eastern Nigeria.

Princess Fifi Ejindu's Fascinating Life Secrets

Princess Fifi is the first African woman to earn the degree of B. Arch from the Bp Big Pratt Institute of Architecture. She also has a bachelor’s degree in the field of urban development. After completing her degree, she took Courses at Manachwett institute of Technology, and later, she got her degree when she returned from New York City.

After completing her studies, she started a company named the startles group of companies. The company’s work is related to oil, gas, and building construction.

Husband, Children, And Net Worth Of Princess Fifi Ejindu

Princess Fifi Ejindu‘s net worth is more than $500million+. She is married to Amechi Epindu, a businessman who owns numerous architecture firms in Abuja. He is among the wealthiest men in Nigeria. Princess Fifi Ejindu is blessed with a son whose name is in who works with her mother and also he is from a field of architecture.

Facts About Fufi Ejindu:

  1. Princess Fifi Ejindu is a chairperson of the Starcrest group of companies.
  2. She has extensive experience in managing projects for real estate and construction, as well as oil and natural gas within her own business. In addition, she is an honored patron of the highly-respected Icon Club in Dubai.
  3. Princess Fifi Hindu has been recognized as one of the most successful female innovators within Architecture and Business on an appearance on CNN’s Africa.

Achievements Of Princess Fufi Ejindu

In 2013 she was awarded the African Achiever in African fashion and art as an achievement throughout her life. She was recognized for her creativity and entrepreneurship in London in 2015.

Born On31 August 1962
Birth PlaceIbadan, Nigeria
Zodiac SignVirgo
ProfessionNigerian architect, businesswoman, and philanthropist
Net Worth$500million+

She was presented with The Nigerian Golden Book Professional Icon award. Fifi also appeared on stage with some of the most famous personalities. In 2004 she also won one award for Patriotic women of Integrity International award awarded at a and recently honorary patron membership of the elite Dubai I com club.


Fifi Ejindu is an architect and a very famous person in Nigeria. The most successful person, An entrepreneur, is also a powerful Nigerian president who had been invented with some of the most influential people in business in the U.A.E.

In society, Princess Fifi Ejindu is an inspiration for all women, and her impact solely has hit all the people in a short time. Princess Fifi Ejindu is a powerful inspiration for all these kids who want to become successful.

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