President Yoweri Museveni Urges The People Of Omoro To Fight Poverty

Yoweri Museveni

President Museveni urged the people of Omoro in northern Uganda to fight Poverty through increased production. He warned that failure to do so might lead to social problems and a rise in the crime rate.

The President Spoke During A Meeting With Elders

The President spoke during a meeting with elders, women, and youth leaders from Omoro District on Monday evening.

President Yoweri Museveni Urges The People Of Omoro To Fight Poverty

“I have always said that there will be no development without production because production means wealth creation, and wealth creation means employment creation, which is what Uganda needs most today,” he said.

He Was Speaking To Thousands Of People

The Omoro people are a sub-group of the Karimojong people. The cultural festival is held every year in August, and Omoro Council organizes it to promote peace, unity, and development.

The event takes place at Gogeri, Omoro County. The main objectives include:

  • Promoting tourism.
  • Enhancing cultural heritage through performing arts such as music and drama.
  • Teaching children about their culture to pass it on to future generations.

The President Said The Greatest Problem

The President said that the greatest problem facing Ugandans is Poverty, which can be fought through collective efforts.

The President said this while addressing the Omoro people during a public rally to mark his Friday’s 51st birthday in Kumi District.

The President pointed out that Poverty is caused by a lack of education, hard work and cooperation among people, and innovation and technology.

He urged Ugandans to embrace these factors to succeed in life. President Museveni also called on all Ugandans to embrace peace, unity, and love for one another to achieve their goals together.

He Added That A People’s Culture Must Not Be Left Behind 

Culture is a source of identity, pride, and knowledge. It is also a source of inspiration, creativity, and entertainment. Culture is a means by which people can be educated about their history, ancestors, and traditions for generations to come.

Culture has been eroded in Africa as we chase after modernity. But it must not be left behind as people seek to modernize themselves because culture is at the core of sustainable development in communities, especially rural-based like Omoro District in northern Uganda’s Gulu region.

President Yoweri Museveni has told the people of Omoro District to fight Poverty by taking advantage of the government’s free education and health services.

The President was addressing a meeting with members of the district council at his Serena Hotel residence in Kampala. Museveni said most people were poor because they did not take advantage of the opportunities provided by the government and that they were lazy.


The government has been working hard to bring electricity to all parts of Uganda. It has already established several power plants across the country and provides subsidies for some communities that cannot afford electricity bills.


President Museveni added a need to focus on increasing food production to curb hunger among Ugandans. He also called on farmers not to sell their land cheaply but instead use it wisely by planting bananas and coffee beans that yield good profits when sold at market value.

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