Pope Francis Limited Opus Dei: UNAM Expert

The Opus Dei was an organization that went into hiding from the Catholic religious community in exceptional cases (Photo: REUTERS / Yara Nardi)
The Opus Dei was an organization that went into hiding from the Catholic religious community in exceptional cases (Photo: REUTERS / Yara Nardi)

Derived from a reform that the Pope Francisco on August 4, 2022, the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Deionly known as EITHERpus, will have certain limits that it did not have in its history.

They are told to report their finances and not ordain priests of their own group because their leader is no longer considered a “bishop,” he explained. Fernando Manuel Gonzalez GonzalezResearchers at the Institute for Social Research (IIS) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

That Opus Dei (Latin “work of God”), was one of the churches most conservative, most powerful and most global of the Catholic Churchwho had one state of emergency to be an apostolic prelature, that is, a worldwide jurisdiction accountable not to the bishop of the territory in which its seat is located, but directly to the pope.

This exception condition results in a “superdiocese‘, which obtained its privileged status with Pope John Paul II, who had a great weakness for this religious group, and now faces certain restrictions from Pope Francis, who comes from a different ideological strand, the book’s author recounted fight Maciel. The Legionaries of Christ: Testimonies and Unpublished Documents (Publisher Tusquets).

“Francis is the first pope of Jesuit origin and an ideology identified within the Catholic Church as Leftand now it sets limits on the conservative group to limit their parallel power within the Curia,” he commented.

A UNAM researcher affirms that its exceptional status has made Opus Dei one "superdiocese" (Photo: EFE/ Nathalia Aguilar)
UNAM researcher assures that its exceptional status has made Opus Dei a “supradiocese” (Photo: EFE/ Nathalia Aguilar)

Founded in Spain in 1928 by Spanish priest José María Escrivá de Balaguer (who wished to become Marquis), who Opus Dei has spread to at least 50 countries and arrived in our country in 1949, always associated with the ecclesiastical power networksthe specialist pointed out.

González González explained that Pope Francis’ reform in a text entitled “To protect the broadcast“ sets limits that the Opus Deiand that they have made it an exceptional religious congregation over all others.

The distinction introduced by Pope John Paul II is this State of the Apostolic Prelaturethat is, an ecclesiastical institution headed by a prelate whose Jurisdiction is not tied to any particular territory.

“It’s the only one of them all catholic congregations that he is accountable to none other than the Bishops’ Commission and directly to the Pope. Unlike others who are organized in certain dioceses and have to report their finances to the bishops of the place where they are based, it had this exceptional character as an apostolic prelature not accountable to any bishop, but to their own authorities and ultimately to the Pope“, he insisted.

Also, the bishop who was their chief prelate can no longer ordain priests of his own group by ceasing to be bishop, which is a minor blow to them Opus Deiat least the IIS researcher takes into account that it represents a limit.

“From now on they can no longer go to the bishops to report bills, but must go through the Sacred Congregation of Religiouswhich is called now Spiritual Dicastery (general designation of all bodies of the Roman Curia). Now, like all parishes, it has to give an annual account of its finances and the formation of its priests. It’s another effect of papal decree‘ he claimed.

González González believes that Pope Francis has restricted the congregation (Photo: EFE)
González González believes that Pope Francis has restricted the congregation (Photo: EFE)

The UNAM researcher believed that this reform it would reduce performance somewhat In parallel, the institution has had an impact on the religious world order in recent years.

“The problem is that they are churches, like the Legionaries of Christ, who are used to it Gambling in a very unethical way usually; They have enough power elements to reverse it because control depends on the relationships they have in the curia,” he concluded.


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