Musician Phyne Gale Makes Suicide Threats, Abandoned Relation!

Musician Phyne Gale Makes Suicide Threats, Abandoned Relation!

Phyne Gale and his girlfriend Sibella have been in a romantic relationship for around one and a half years. It is also believed from sources that his girlfriend funded his music career.

Loaded Lover Jumped From His Case!

Recently, Phyne and his girlfriend had a break-up, which has hurt Phyne the most. He is somewhat devastated. He has been pondering as to how he is going to spend his life without her. 

Musician Phyne Gale Makes Suicide Threats, Abandoned Relation!

Who Is Phyne Gale?

Phyne Gale is one of the multitalented and popular Komawo superhit singers.

He has been showered with love on social media by his fans and his followers.

He has a YouTube channel as well. The name of the channel is Phyne Gale. He has his channel growing and currently with 190 subscribers and many more to come.

He has posted a lyrical video of the song compomer official on his YouTube channel. He is more into musical releases and believes in the furtherance of natural music in Uganda.

He has also been doing the rounds recently because of the decision he took regarding his relationship. 

What Happened Between Phyne Gale And His Girlfriend?

Recently it was known that this young rising star had threatened to end his life by committing suicide if Sibella didn’t return to his life. Through various sources, it has also been known that Sibella (his girlfriend) has clearly refused to get back with him. 

As per common opinion, this breakup is an absolute shocker. The long-lasting relationship was inevitable, given the mutual love and respect, Phyne and Sibella had for each other.

Once the actual proceedings became public, it became quite clear that the main reason behind Phyne’s decision is this particular situation. On the work front, he was faring well so no more speculations were entertained. 

She says she does not want to spend her life with him anymore. No reasons have been cited yet for such an instance but the environment is full of rumors. Sibella has always been the one supporting him in his career as well as facilitating things for him.

She had put her entire effort into making the relationship a success. Due to this reason, people suspect some underlying cause behind their alleged breakup. It is still not clear whether the same happened due to some internal issues or if there is some third party involved in severing the ties. 

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. As a result of this, Sibella thoughtfully made the decision to dump the Komawo hit musician, Phyne Gale.

He could not ultimately handle such a sudden heartbreak. Thus, rumors of Phyne Gale trying to commit suicide began to flow all over Uganda. News agencies tried their best to investigate the stance and help sublimate the issue.

In the end, no inference could be drawn. Presently, more updates are expected from the news agencies of Uganda. In addition to this, no official statement has yet been made, either by the singer, his girlfriend, or their family members. 

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