Olympia Twins with Serena Williams and braids her hair in iconic white pearls for her mother's first US Open match

Olympia Twins with Serena Williams and braids her hair in iconic white pearls for her mother’s first US Open match

Serena Williams is currently playing at the US Open and this one is really special for her. This will mark the end of her tennis career as she will hang up her racket once the tournament is over for her. Serena faced Danka Kovinic in the first round of the tournament and won the match 6-3, 6-3.

During the match, the stadium was packed with Serena fans to support her in her final tournament. However, there was one special Serena fan who cheered her on from start to finish. It was none other than his daughter Olympia.

Olympia has accompanied her mother to tournaments since Serena made her return. She saw her legendary mother play up close and supported her from the stands. Seeing her mother playing like a beast at the age of 41 will also be a real inspiration for her.

Olympia Ohanian twins with Serena Williams for her US Open first-round match

Olympia Ohanian sat in the stands wearing a black Nike outfit dazzled with mini rhinestones. It was a smaller version of what Serena wore for her first-round match. However, that wasn’t the most fascinating aspect of seeing Olympia in the stands.

Olympia had white pearls at the bottom of her braids and it was a tribute to one of the most iconic moments of Serena’s career. When Serena won her first-ever US Open in 1999, she sported similar braids with white beads and her hairstyle turned into an iconic moment.

As for Serena, the 23-time Grand Slam winner is ready to move on to the next phase of her career. According to People.com, she said, “I’m ready to transition. I think I’m good at it, but I want to explore if I can be good at it. Serena now wants to focus more on her family. She also owns a venture capital firm called Serena Ventures and wants to devote her time to that as well.

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