Olimpia won 1-0 and qualified for the Quarterfinals.

Olimpia defeated Municipal 1-0 this Thursday in a match for Round of 16 3 of the CONCACAF tournament – ​​Scotiabank Concacaf League 2022. The local team scored the only goal of the game in the 19th minute of the second half through Michaell Chirinos. After an assist from José Pinto, the midfielder completed the goal and beat the opposing goalkeeper to score his goal.

The best player of the match was José Pinto. The Olimpia midfielder was precise with 106 effective passes and twice looked for the opponent’s goal.

Michaell Chirinos was another key player. The Olimpia midfielder scored 1 goal and made 16 key passes.

Municipality midfielder Rudy Barrientos humiliated his mark by throwing a great whistle after 39 minutes of the first leg.

The game was marked by a lot of friction and constant fouls that punctuated the game. 3 cautioned: Rudy Barrientos, Josman Figueroa and José Rosales.

Olimpia coach Pedro Troglio suggested a 4-4-2 formation with Edrick Menjívar in goal; Maylor Nuñez, José García, Juan Pablo Montes and Carlos Sánchez on the defensive line; Edwin Rodríguez, Germán Mejía, Jorge Álvarez and José Pinto in the middle; and Jorge Benguché and Brayan Moya in attack.

For their part, Juan Antonio Torres’ team took the field with a 5-3-2 scheme with Ricardo Jérez under the three posts; José Morales, Milciades Portillo, Steve Makuka, Moisés Hernández and Eduardo Soto in defense; Rudy Barrientos, José Rosales and Antonio López in midfield; and José Martínez and Eduardo Rotondi in front.

Rubiel Vázquez was the referee who officiated the match against Tiburcio Carías Andino.

With that result, Olimpia advanced to the CONCACAF Quarterfinals – Scotiabank Concacaf League 2022, leaving Municipal behind.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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