NFL Releases 2020 Season Schedule

The NFL is releasing the 2020 season schedule

No one knows for sure if the NFL 2020 season will start right on time, this year, or whether it will be playing games with fans.

However, as the tables were released on the night of May 7, fans were given a moment to imagine, perhaps naively hoping, that a football season they were accustomed to would be enjoyed the same way they enjoyed this year.

For obvious reasons, the schedules have fallen short of normal this year, but they are now over and there is plenty to discuss.

Prime Time Match-ups have been set up and race lines for Week 1 have already been released, all of which are starting to fan the unique game on their calendars.

Here are some that jumped off the page as a meeting TV with some of the stinks you want to avoid. Check it out.

Can’t miss games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (Week 1) – Right off the bat, Brady verses Breeze. How can you not love it? Two Super Bowl champions, two prospective Hall-of-Famers left in the first week of the season, one immediately took the upper hand in the battle for the NFC South.

It is incomprehensible that this game is not in prime time.

Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens (Week 3) – Here’s the competition the entire football world was expecting at last year’s NFC Championship game.

The Chiefs have won the last two against the Ravens, but getting the third out of three attempts on the road can be a difficult task. Mahomes versus Jackson – inject it into our veins.

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 6) – It’s crazy how much the Bucks have become since Brady and Cronk came to town, but the reality is for the 2020 NFL season.

Here we get the Rodgers verses for the third time in their lives. The make-up is built on a piece 1. This is the game that determines the best of the 3 series.

San Francisco 49ers (Week 10) at the New Orleans Saints – A rematch of last year’s shootout where everyone thought we would be back in the NFC Championship game.

Unfortunately, the Saints lost the Vikings at home, which gave the Packers a clear path to acquiring the 49ers. San Francisco is back to Nola, can they make it two in the Superdome?

Kansas City Chiefs at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 12) – See the Brady course here? Brady versus Mahomes Round 4, Brady leads the series 2-1.

The first two games were shootouts, the second was a well-played football game. Expect this to be a shootout, too. It will be a major seeding game for both teams as both teams are close to playoff time.

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Rams (Week 14) – Review of Super Bowl LIII, this time on the Rams’ new stadium. Will there be fans? Who knows.

We know Tom Brady or Todd Gurley won’t be there because they are in different teams, but taking on Belichick Two against McVay should be a lot of fun, although the whole world was watching in February 2019.

Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints (Week 15) – Man, are we getting some juicy quarterback match-ups this year, one of them, Mahomes versus Breeze.

There is a very brutal schedule for firsts this year as they win the Super Bowl. Can the new gunman run through the quarterback’s manual, or give the curious cat an item to the old guard? Possibly a 2021 Super Bowl matchup, which will take place two weeks before playoff time.

Cleveland Browns (Week 15) at New York Giants – Odell returns to New York! Baker Mayfield is slammed against Daniel Jones for criticizing the Giants’ selection.

This game has Jerry Springer type influences, as Odell would be keen to suppress the subtitles of his old team, while the Giants would be highly motivated to let that happen. The idea that there are no fans in this game is tragic.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints (Week 16) – This game is not only a repeat of last year’s playoffs in the same building but also this year’s Christmas Day game. All eyes will be on the spotlight, and everyone will find it a lot of Christmas cheer, except on the wrong side of the final score.

Prime Time Stingers

Tennessee Titans in Denver Broncos (Week 1) – The Titans had a lot of fun last year and they have an interesting story going into 2020. , How’s the 1st week of Monday Night Football’s late game in their new building in Las Vegas? It would be a good game, but the league could have done better.

Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars (Week 3) – Why is this game always going to be prime time? Dolphins need to be upgraded from the worst and the jacks are rebuilt. Florida’s bragging rights may be in the lineup, but someone needs to create a better story.

Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams (Week 7) – The Rams have six prime-time games, we get it in the 2020 NFL season, and you want to feature the new stadium in Monday Night Football.

But Pierce versus Rams? Get at least one division enemy here. Who knows what the Bears will have in 2020? They’re a team that doesn’t even know who a quarterback is.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (Week 15) – Getting Joe Burrow in Monday night’s game is important, but these AFC North Division games live on in hype.

This is a hazardous section, whose match-ups are noon to 1 pm – Sunday – Slugfest, please do not subject us to prime time.

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