Nathan Ssewaali, A Ugandan Author, Discusses Child Mental Health

Nathan Ssewaali, A Ugandan Author, Discusses Child Mental Health!!!

Nathan Ssewaali, a Ugandan author and mental health specialist located in Canada He, recently published his children’s mental health book called “Lola as well as The Emotions Carousel,’ which has received plenty of positive reviews from all over the globe, with a lot of parents saying it is beneficial for their children’s mental wellbeing.

Young Lola experiences everything from fear to sadness to happiness as she explores her emotions with the help of her beloved Grandma as she learns about emotions and their significance in her life and how they influence her daily life.

Ugandan Author Nathan Ssewaali, Based In Canada, Discusses Mental Health In Children!!

She teaches the basics and how to manage her emotions through tears and laughter. The book offers an extensive and balanced book.

Nathan Ssewaali, A Ugandan Author, Discusses Child Mental Health

Ssewaali says he wrote the book due to his belief that mental health disorders for children are defined as delays or interruptions in the growth of appropriate thinking, behavior, social skills, and emotional control.

Children are often distressed by these issues, and they affect their ability to be successful at home, in school as well as in other social situations. “I was determined to be the best father I could possibly be to my children. 

Emotional intelligence remains among the top important abilities that one can possess. Many materials have been developed through the years by various experts to help teach the art to as many people as possible. But, few advances have occurred in this field, especially because the majority of these materials appear abstract, which makes them difficult for people to comprehend and apply.

In the publication of “Lola and The Emotions Carousel,” Nathan hopes to shake up the mythology by telling a real story that teaches people to manage their emotions no matter what’s happening around them.

Nathan Ssewaali is a multi-faceted photographer, cinematographer, public relations officer, creative designer, and entrepreneur. He has certificates from different Canadian institutions of higher learning, including George Brown College, Seneca College as well as The Photo School. 

He earned an undergraduate degree from the Department of Information Science and Library at Makerere University and held various certificates from various Canadian colleges of education, such as George Brown College, Seneca College, and the school of photography. The postgraduate diploma he received in the field of infants and mental health was just completed.

The author also discussed the ways that COVID 19 has had a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing issues that children face throughout the world. It’s an issue that the Ugandan Health and Mental Health system was not able to study, yet statistics reveal that many children are unable in their ability to communicate because of the masks people in their vicinity are wearing. 

According to research, children utilize lip movements to speak to those in their vicinity. However, if they were unable to be able to see their lips, they were unable to comprehend what was happening, which greatly impacted their ability to communicate.

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) is one of the strategies which could increase accessibility to services in the area of health and mental wellbeing for children’s families as well as families. Collaborations between primary medical practice and mental health professionals could make mental health care accessible to families. 

A systematic review has found that children’s mental health services access permits the provision of mental health care services available within the primary medical clinic and schools. This can increase accessibility.

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