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The Show Was Canceled After Maurice Kirya Tests Positive For Covid-19!  

The covid-19 pandemic has been in the position to hit the people and the various types of industries hard for at least 2 years. This has been able to impact people’s whole life cycle over time. But it seems like, after a halt of one year, things don’t try to settle down for less. The covid-19 pandemic is yet again back with its objective of causing harm to society. 

The Show Was Canceled After Maurice Kirya Tests Positive For Covid-19  

This is evident from the recent rise of the covid-19 cases that have been reported over time. This rise of covid-19 has grappled almost everyone within the same. One of them has been the famous musician and actor Maurie Kirya.

Issue And The Consequence 

In one of the recent events that have followed, it is essential to mention that Maurice Kirya has tested positive for covid-19. Due to the same, he has finally canceled his show, which was supposed to take place in June. It was on 12th June 2022 that he was in the position to finally reveal on Twitter that he had been down with the Covid-19 infection. 

Hence, he also apologized for the last-minute inconvenience which might have caused his fans who were desperately waiting for his concert to take place. This has been able to attract a considerable amount of attention over the period for the simple reason that the fans wanted to meet him. For this reason, monitoring his concerns over the period was essential. 

Course Forward 

He has tested positive after the rate of positivity in Uganda has increased since last week. It is essential to mention that the number of positive cases that have gone up by at least 2 lakhs in around a fortnight has raised the alarms of health emergencies in Uganda.

Many famous stars and other artists, including celebrities, have fallen prey to all of this, and everybody has been trying to give a tough fight against covid-19. 

It is essential to mention that the health ministry of Uganda has been attempting to raise multiple alarms over time. All the restrictions on public movements without masks have been prohibited.

Huge fines are being imposed on all the people trying to violate the entire mandate of the government. This has been issued in public safety and should be adhered to at every cost.

It is essential to mention that all of this has provided a better impact over the period. This has been able to monitor and ensure the basic fact that the singer has incurred a massive loss due to the last-minute cancellation of the event.

This will take effect to the next level because the cancellation of these public events will prevent the mass accumulation of the people. Hence, the chances of the infection would be contained in the first place. But this had to be done because the person’s life was at stake in the first place.

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